I just found this today at Pingdom’s blog, Royal Pingdom, which was founded by Sam Nurmi, about says:

This is a blog by the team at Pingdom about the Internet, web development and tech, and of course our own services. Pingdom offers services to monitor the uptime and performance of websites and servers on the Internet.

But I digress, in Pingdom’s blog post, Pingdom describes the fact that “over the coming years a ton of websites and online services will become part of the open graph that Facebook is promoting, with Facebook firmly planted in the middle.

That sounds really scary as someone who doesn’t know a lot about the intricacies of the Internet. Thankfully Pingdom goes on to say that:

“There’s just one problem (two, if you count privacy): When the web becomes “interconnected” with Facebook, it also means that when Facebook breaks, the web breaks. In short, Facebook becomes a single point of failure for the web.”

Now I know that that isn’t good at all. AT ALL. I don’t know if the Internet could handle this.

And again Pingdom rebuts me with, “…we feel pretty safe to say that unless a website is intrinsically connected to Facebook and has to depend on it, it’s probably a good idea to make sure that the site works ok even if Facebook is down or has performance issues.”

So just a little double checking by a website is enough to keep oneself afloat if the giant falls down.

I have no choice but to be skeptical. It’s just me, but this has potential to be really dangerous.